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Themed events below are from Grace Healthcare Support Services.

I created the comprehensive theme concept for six Grace annual meetings, which is inclusive of all designs seen, as well as facilitated event communication, venue decor & staging, & partnership with a hired audio/visual team & venue staff. I created annual meeting vendor sponsorship forms, communication, solicited/secured direct sponsorships, & ensured sponsorship recognition signage while also assisting with the vendor fair. Additionally, from an event management perspective, I helped to create the master guest list, overview of hotel bookings, meal selections, travel advisories, employees of the year nominations, & selection/assembly of the event employee gift (up to 250 gift packages annually). Lastly, I took all event photographs shown in the galleries. Three of six events included below.

My goal with every event was to Create an Experience.

Annual Meeting 2019 - Back to the Future Theme

Click image to view larger

2019 Employee of the Year Travel Advisory

2019 Event Photos

Annual Meeting 2018 - The Greatest Care on Earth (Circus) Theme

Click image to view larger

2018 Employee of the Year Travel Advisory

2018 Event Photos

Annual Meeting 2016 - The Path to Success (Storybook) Theme

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2016 Employee of the Year Travel Advisory

2016 Event Photos

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